How to Get Rid of Acne Using Calamine Lotion

The big reason for why the calamine how to get rid of acne method works so well is that one of its active ingredients is zinc oxide. It really does a great job of helping to dry out acne, reduce swelling and size of cysts and pimples, as well as work as soothing topical if you’re experiencing pain from the swelling on your skin. Many people have tried it stand alone, or working alongside another method, home remedy, or medication.


Calamine Lotion as Treatment for Acne and Cysts

The calamine lotion how to get rid of acne method works great to help dry out cysts, acne, and pimples. Swelling and redness significantly decrease after applying calamine lotion to the trouble area, and keeping it on over night. Many people notice significant and noticeable improvement after the first time using the calamine lotion mask overnight. Do note though that some of these people saw reduced effectiveness over time, most likely to the skin getting used to it and reducing its effectiveness. A solution was to space out the use of calamine lotion masks overnight to about three or four day intervals after you notice a decrease in its performance.  Many people with large cysts or other swollen areas would have them shrunk after two days of use, and no longer red or swollen. The only negative effect was a bit of dry skin on the applied area.

Using it to Get Rid of Redness and Itching

Usually when people are using benzoyl peroxide as a how to get rid of acne method to treat their acne, they find that their skin may get red and itchy. Using calamine lotion to sooth this was shown to be very effective in reducing redness and itching, while also helping with reducing acne.

What Else Should I Know About Calamine Lotion?

The best progress seen from the use of calamine lotion was over a period of three weeks using it as a mask overnight. Of cours as mentioned previously, there are some people out there that may noticed a reduced effectiveness over time, and the suggestion there is to space out its use, and combine it with another how to get rid of acne method. Calamine lotion is pretty viscous, so things can be a little messy. The best way to use it is to apply it to a cotton swab, and then use that cotton swab on the area you wish to apply calamine lotion to. Overall, there are no side effects form using calamine lotion, or even leaving it on overnight. That is of course so long as you’re not allergic to it in the first place. Make sure to put it on one small area of your skin overnight to test this before you begin using it as a nightly facial mask.


Overall, calamine lotion is great, easy, virtually risk free how to get rid of acne technique, and has shown to be really effective, especially in drying out pimples and cysts to reduce or completely get rid of swelling. It’s simple and effective, and doesn’t hurt to use it with other acne treatments. Of course if you’re on a prescription medication, first consult your health care provider and ask them about using anything else besides the prescribed medication first.



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